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With over ten years of experience, our technicians can diagnose and repair any garage door problem at a fair price. Each technician at iDoors is highly motivated and takes pride in their work.
In addition to garage door repairs, we also offer garage door openers and new garage doors. It's never a charge for us to look and provide you with a fair and professional quote.

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I can’t recommend iDoor highly enough. Great company. And Daniel was a great representative of their company! Honest, professional, and knowledgeable. So glad we contacted iDoor to replace our old garage door opener. He did great work. Thanks again!

Paul D

Professional, on time, quick, and efficient service. I called and Richard was quick to respond. He had Gabriel show up rather quickly, within the time discussed. Gabriel assessed the garage door and knew right away what was wrong. He showed us the broken spring and was able to change the broken spring quickly. Our garage door is working perfectly. I will highly recommend their services to anyone.

Marisol Cruz

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Hire Garage Door Opener Services In North Lauderdale, FL From iDoor Garage Door Sales For Every Need & Budget!

Are you fed up with a garage door opener that doesn’t work as expected? Call our iDoor Garage Door Sales if you need a garage door company in North Lauderdale, FL, to install or replace your garage door opener.

As a leading garage door service provider in Broward County, we understand the needs of local homeowners. We offer dependable, high-quality solutions to make your life easier and more convenient. We always strive to provide delightful services, which is why we provide free project estimates, ensure satisfaction guarantees, and are responsive at all times.

We’re a reliable choice for quickly getting your garage doors up and running. Almost all residents prefer to work with our skilled garage door repair technicians for all their garage door issues. We are the only company in North Lauderdale, FL, that can provide you with robust and reliable garage door services at reasonable prices.

Our garage door opener repair services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for homeowners and businesses in FL and its surrounding areas. If you need your residential garage doors replaced or serviced right away, call at 844-484-3667.

Potential List Of Issues In Garage Door Openers

Some common problems with your garage opener could result from old or outdated machinery. Check if your garage door opener is more than 20 years old or is chain-operated, as this could be the source of the problem.

If your garage door opener has been acting erratically or inconsistently, pay attention to the following signs that indicate that it may be time to replace it:

1) Strange Noises While Opening

Your garage door opener is always loud when lifting and lowering your door, but pay attention if you hear shaking, grinding, or straining.

These sounds could be caused by inadequate lubrication or rust on moving parts, a loose opener chain, defective support rails, insufficient horsepower, or a faulty motor.

2) Difficulty In Operation

When your garage opener isn’t working correctly, it could be as simple as the machine losing power due to a damaged or faulty appliance.

Bonaventure, FL

If the door isn’t raising and lowering correctly, it could have damaged parts or bent rails. Or, if the opener is causing random door movements, it could be due to faulty wiring.

3) Remote Control Issues

If your garage door opener remote isn’t working correctly, the easiest solution is to replace the batteries. If your remote has new batteries, you may be too far away from the opener’s receiver, the remote may be faulty, or the machine’s antenna may be malfunctioning.

Why Should You Hire Us To Install Your Garage Door Opener?

1) Reasonable Price

It doesn’t feel better when someone guarantees you something for free and charges you for a service call. At iDoor Garage Door Sales, we provide free estimates with no hidden service call charges or other liabilities.

We treat you the way we want us to be treated and provide you with all of the information you need to make the right decision for your home.

2) We’ll Go That Extra Mile

Garage door issues can be inconvenient. Our licensed garage door repair technicians in FL are skilled professionals who will care for all your garage door needs.

Furthermore, we take the time to ensure that the modern garage doors we install or replace will offer you a fantastic experience and enhanced safety features.

3) Experience & Expertise

Experience is essential when looking for residential and commercial garage door companies in North Lauderdale, FL. Our experienced garage door service professionals are well-trained and certified. We accomplish garage door opener installation and repair services efficiently.

4) We Value Your Time

We understand your time is valuable and that you might consider rearranging your schedule to accommodate garage door service. That is why we provide 24-hour garage door installation and replacement service, arrive on time, and complete the job.

5) Customer Satisfaction

We offer profound customer solutions to all the homes and businesses in Broward County. Our unrivaled enthusiastic employees who deliver the residential garage door service provide you with a garage door installation service that exceeds your expectations. Customers appreciate our attention to detail and ability to work with great confidence.

6) Quick & Professional Services

Call iDoor Garage Door Sales team if you require an emergency garage door opener installation service for your modern garage doors in Broward County.

If a spring fails or you have another problem, we want you to have access to your door garage as soon as possible. Our garage door replacement team in FL will answer your call at all times to ensure that we are available whenever and wherever you require assistance.

Give Us A Call For Your Free Estimate!

At garage door company iDoor Garage Door Sales, we have the expertise and tools to service, repair, and maintain any garage door opener brand.

If you suspect something is wrong with your garage doors, openers, springs, and garage door opener remote, contact us on 844-484-3667 for fast, efficient, and long-lasting garage door replacement and repair services.

We can perform garage door opener repair and other services using the most up-to-date industry knowledge and equipment to ensure long-lasting performance.

Some information about North Lauderdale, FL

North Lauderdale is a city in Broward County, Florida, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city’s population was 41,023. It is a principal city of the Miami metropolitan area, which was home to an estimated 6,012,331 people in the 2015 census.

At its creation in 1963, it was largely farmland on the western edge of development in Broward County. North Lauderdale was originally grazing pasture for cows and horses of the Anderson Dairy Farm and also an agricultural area for the Lena Lyons Stringbean Farm. Recognizing a rare opportunity to work with a blank slate, famed architect Morris Lapidus turned his attention to planning a city that would become North Lauderdale. Lapidus gained international notoriety for launching the 1950s “Miami Beach” style resort hotel. His design of the Fontainebleau Resort, the Eden Roc and Americana helped create the style of Miami Beach. After hotels, Lapidus turned to designing cities. North Lauderdale, “The City of Tomorrow”, was the first city he laid out. Residents still benefit from his influence and vision, which can be seen in the whimsical “beacons” lending the city prominence and in the distinct, amoebic shape of Boulevard of Champions. In the late 60’s, recognizing the growing demand for single-family homes, the Osias Organization, headed by Colonel Nathan Rood, who was also the first appointed Mayor, purchased most of the land and began the development of North Lauderdale proper. In April 1969, by straw vote, Michael Saraniero became the City’s first elected Mayor.

Once the city was laid out, the promise of affordable homes near the seaside ushered in a 10-year development boom in the 1970s. Where the rich and famous flocked to Miami Beach, regular families enamored with the Sun Belt, moved to North Lauderdale. Thousands moved in and neighborhood after neighborhood came to life. The city’s character took shape of a younger, family-oriented community where most social interaction took place after work around a softball field. North Lauderdale is a city where a week of hard work is rewarded with sunshine-filled weekends and family barbecues.

Learn more about North Lauderdale.

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